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Metaphysical meaning of Casluhim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Casluhim (mbd)
Casluhim, cas'-lu-hlm (Heb.)--tried for atonement; expiatory trials; forgiveness of sins; hopes of life; fortified.

A people who were descended from Mizraim, son of Ham (Gen. 10:14).

Meta. The thought contained in Casluhim is that, by means of trials, testings, tribulation, experience, man's outer consciousness (that which constitutes the sensate or physical in him) evolves, unfolds Godward, is released from error, and is lifted to its true spiritual quality and expression; that man must prove his atonement, his release from sin and his oneness with God, in order to become established in eternal life (tried for atonement, expiatory trials, forgiveness of sins, hopes of life, fortified).

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