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Metaphysical meaning of blind beggar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of blind beggar (mbd)
blind beggar (John 9:1-41) .

Meta. The blind beggar of John 9 represents one who has no perception of his own capacity, and no confidence in his power to rise superior to conditions in the material realm. The sin of omission is even greater than the sin of commission. There is some hope for the one who is an active sinner, but what can we expect of the one who makes no effort to do for himself, who simply drifts with the tide or looks to others for all things?

The world is full of people who are in this blind, beggarly state. They sit by the wayside and wait for the workers to give them pennies and crusts, when they themselves might be manifesters and producers. The key to the situation is the denial of material darkness, ignorance, and inability.

The putting of clay on the eyes of the blind man shows how a person makes his understanding opaque by affirming the power of material conditions to hamper and impede his spiritual and material growth. The washing away of this clay by the man himself shows how we must deny by our own volition and efforts the seeming mountains of environing material conditions.

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