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Metaphysical meaning of Biziothiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Biziothiah (mbd)
Biziothiah (A. V., Bizjothjah), b;z-lo-thl'-ah (Heb.)--contempt of Jah; despises Jehovah; place of Jah's olives.

One of "the uttermost cities of . . . Judah toward the border of Edom in the South" (Josh. 15:21, 28).

Meta. An established thought center in the subconsciousness, and very close to the point of working out into the body consciousness (Edom). The meaning (place of Jah's olives) suggests that this thought center should be filled with the consciousness of the Christ peace, and it should be rich with spiritual reality. Its mission is to carry the consciousness of peace and Truth out into the very cells of the body, for the body is inherently just as spiritual and abiding as any other phase of man's being. Yet, because of error ideas concerning manifest man, the Biziothiah state of consciousness holds him in contempt--it esteems him as something vile and not worthy of redemption. Thus it helps to keep him seemingly material instead of aiding in establishing him in the truth of his being, and it despises Jehovah also, since manifest man is really the product of Jehovah God, or I AM. It will do its true work when it becomes awakened to its true ideals and its real mission by the Judah state of thought into whose possession it has come.

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