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Metaphysical meaning of Birzaith (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Birzaith (mbd)
Birzaith (A. V., Birzavith), blr'-zaith (Heb.)--olive wells; holes; wounds. The different meanings of this word are due to the different spellings: Birzaith, olive wells; and Birzavith, holes (holes made with a spear), wounds. The word is spelled both ways in the old manuscripts.

A descendant of Asher (I Chron. 7: 31) .

Meta. The peace and harmony, also the possibilities, of the inner life (a well represents an inward source of life, and olives signify peace, also fruitfulness). This life, in its spiritual quality, is rather obscure to the consciousness of man at first (Birzaith's genealogy is not given clearly), but, as man opens his mind more fully to the inspiration of Spirit, he learns to discern the omnipresence of the life within him, and the spiritual origin of all life. Then he endeavors to express his life and energy constructively, instead of expressing them destructively, unwisely, and thus tearing down his organism (holes, wounds.

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