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Metaphysical meaning of Benaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Benaiah (mbd)
Benaiah, be-na'-iah (Heb.)--son of Jah- whom Jehovah hath built up; produced by Jehovah; prospered of Jehovah; restored by Jah.

One of the foremost of David's mighty men, and son of Jehoiada. He did many mighty deeds; among them was the slaying of the two sons of Ariel of Moab (II Sam. 23:20-23). He was appointed by Solomon, to whom he adhered after David's death, to kill Joab and Adonijah (I Kings 2:24-31).

Meta. Jehoiada, the father of Benaiah, represents the divine law of justice, which brings to retribution all who transgress it. It calls into action the forces that destroy error. Benaiah is one of these forces. He signifies a higher degree of intelligence and understanding than that of the carnal mind or of the intellectual (the two sons of Ariel of Moab, and Adonijah the half brother of King Solomon); he also supersedes the phase of the executive quality of the will that Joab signifies. This understanding force, which Benaiah signifies, is of the Lord, and is built up by Jehovah (son of Jah; whom Jehovah hath built up; produced by Jehovah); as it enters the consciousness it takes the place of all lesser and reflected understanding and executive power.

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