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Metaphysical meaning of Bealoth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bealoth (mbd)
Bealoth (A. V., I Kings 4:16, Aloth), be'-a-loth (Heb.)--ladies; mistresses; citizens.

A city of Judah "toward the border of Edom in the South" (Josh. 15:24).

Meta. A state of consciousness belonging to the subconscious realm of mind in the individual (a city of Judah "in the South" suggests this), and working toward expression in the body consciousness and the body (toward Edom, Edom representing the physical body and the phase of thought that belongs to it).

Bealoth signifies a state of thought that carries an idea of the right relation between soul and body. The soul has proprietary rights (suggested in the meaning of the name mistresses) over the body, in a way, since the body is the outpicturing of the soul. The body is formed and given its character by the soul, the consciousness. The soul also takes the place of a citizen in the body. The body is its home; it expresses in and through the body, and is protected by the laws that govern the body, just as a citizen of a country enjoys the privileges and the protection of citizenship. This right relation between soul and body is first discerned by the feminine or intuitive phase of the soul in man; thus the thought of "mistress" and "lady" instead of "master" and "man" is conveyed in the definitions of Bealoth.

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