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Metaphysical meaning of Baalis (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baalis (mbd)
Baalis, ba'-a-lis (Heb.)--this word has nothing to do with Baal; it is a contracted form of Ben-alis (son of exultation; son of joy; in exultation; in a state of joy). In a negative sense Baalis means proudly exulting; insolently joyous

A king of the children of Ammon who was accessory to the killing of Gedaliah, a ruler of the Jews who were not carried captive to Babylon (Jer. 40:14).

Meta. The ruling thought of the error state of consciousness that the Ammonites typify. Baalis refers especially to the exultation and rejoicing that take place in the sense consciousness of man when it seems to be in the ascendancy (in exultation, proudly exulting, insolently joyous); when for the time being it appears to have gained dominion over the truer thoughts (Jews) of the mind. But joy and elation of that sort are short-lived, since the good is destined to increase and to rule and to overcome all its enemies.

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