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Metaphysical meaning of Azmon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Azmon (mbd)
Azmon, az'-mon (Heb.)--strong of bone; strong of muscle; robust of body; numerous; strong in mass or number; a fortress.

A town at the south border of Judah and of Canaan (Num. 34:4; Josh. l5:4); it was near the "brook of Egypt," and so was near the western extremity of the south boundary line of Canaan.

Meta. Strength, firmness, vigor--the result of the many thoughts of strength that have been entertained in consciousness (strong of bone, strong of muscle, robust of body, numerous, strong in mass or number, a fortress). Strength is necessary to fortify one in the good when one has learned to discern what belongs to the Promised Land (spiritual consciousness and the redeemed body) and what belongs to the unreal, to the enemies--doubt, fear, and carnality--that are ever seeking to utilize one's soul and body substance in their unrighteous expression. It takes firmness of purpose and strength of mind to know Truth and to abide in it while one's life forces are being lifted out of sense thought and changed into spiritual expression and manifestation.

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