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Metaphysical meaning of Azmaveth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Azmaveth (mbd)
Azmaveth, az'-ma-veth (Heb.)--strong as death; strength of death; strong unto death.

a A Benjamite town (Ezra 2:24; Neh. 12: 9; in Neh. 7: 28, Beth-azmaveth) . b The name of several Benjamite men (II Sam. 23:31; I Chron 8:36; 12:3; 27:25). Some of these men were descended from Saul, and others were among David's valiant men and over his treasures.

Meta. Faith active in man's consciousness to bring results. Love (David) recognizes the value of faith (Benjamin or Benjamites) and uses it. To man in sense consciousness death is about as strong and sure a thing as can be named. We are learning today that death of itself has no power and is not real, because only that which is of God (life) is real; that death can no longer enter the experience of an individual when he once gives all the power of his thought and faith to the good, to life and peace.

But even as death seems so very strong to mortal man (strong as death), faith is strong and sure to bring results for good when it is established firmly in one's consciousness; that is, when one believes strongly in good as one's birthright. On the other hand, if one's faith is centered in a belief in error or in a fear of error, one's experiences will be inharmonious and of a destructive character.

Faith is a power in itself because it is one of the attributes of God. It works in man for good or for apparent ill according to the way he directs it by his thoughts; hence the injunction: "Have faith in God."

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