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Metaphysical meaning of Atroth-shophan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Atroth-shophan (mbd)
Atroth-shophan (A. V., Atroth, Shophan), at'-roth-sho'-phan (Heb.)--Shophan: covered; concealed; hidden (especially under ground); crafty; cunning. Atroth: crowns. Atroth-shophan: crowns of craftiness.

A city on the east of Jordan that was given to the tribe of Gad after the Amorites had been defeated (Num. 32: 35); the Gadites fortified it and made it a fold for sheep.

Meta. The subtle, underhanded, deceitful way by which the thoughts, beliefs, and activities that are symbolized by the Amorites (see AMORITES) work to retain their hold in man's consciousness and life. But Atroph-shophan, after the Israelitish conquest of the Amorites, was given over to the Israelitish tribe of Gad (fortune, seer), who fortified it and made it a fold for sheep. Thus this thought center that Atroth-shophan signifies is cleansed by truer, purer, more understanding, and more honorable intents and becomes a shelter for pure, natural, obedient life thoughts and forces (a fold for sheep).

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