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Metaphysical meaning of Ashbel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ashbel (mbd)
Ashbel, ash'-bel (Heb.)--man of Baal; reproof of God; judgment of God.

Son of Benjamin, and head of the family of Ashbelites (Gen. 46:21; Num. 26:38).

Meta. The admonition of Spirit (reproof of God) in man's consciousness against looking upon as real (and thus giving power to) the material thought about outer formed things (man of Baal). The inharmonious result of worshipping Baal--looking upon the outer world as real and as the source of life, understanding, and existence, instead of seeing formless Spirit (Divine Mind) as the true God and as the one reality standing back of all manifestation--is suggested in judgment of God.

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