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Metaphysical meaning of Asharelah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Asharelah (mbd)
Asharelah (A. V., Asarelah), ash-a-re'lah (Heb.)--upright toward God; happiness of God; blessedness of God.

Son of Asaph, and one of those who were set apart by David and the captains of his host to "prophesy with harps, and psalteries, and with cymbals" (I Chron. 25:2); in verse 14, Jesharelah.

Meta. Uprightness of thought--the "upward look" and attention--also the joy and blessedness that come from God to those whose thoughts are stayed on Him (upright toward God, happiness of God, blessedness). These activities, expressing through love (Asharelah was of the Israelitish tribe of Levi), do their part in keeping man's mind and body "in tune with the Infinite," that the consciousness may be open to the revelation and clear understanding of Truth (prophesy) .

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