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Metaphysical meaning of Arioch (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Arioch (mbd)
Arioch, a'-rl-och (Gk.)--lionlike; venerable.

a King of Ellasar, one of the four kings who took Lot captive but were defeated and destroyed by Abraham (Gen. 14:1). b Captain of the king of Babylon's guard (Dan. 2:14) .

Meta. The Arioch of Genesis 14:1 represents the seeming power, strength, and dominion (lionlike) that sex lust has over man; also, the belief so prevalent among all peoples that the secret desires and habits pertaining to the sex life must be good and must have been ordained of God because of ages of acceptance and practice. Therefore they are regarded as sacred (venerable). It is natural to man to accept, as true and unchangeable. ideas and habits that have been universally believed and acted upon for ages.

The Arioch of Babylon refers more to the power and veneration that sense man attributes to worldly wisdom and to the psychic realm.

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