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Metaphysical meaning of Aniam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aniam (mbd)
Aniam, a'-nl-am (Heb.)--sighing; groaning; mourning; lamentation of the people.

Son of Shemida, a descendant of Manasseh (I Chron. 7:19).

Meta. Manasseh refers to the understanding faculty in man, but more to an intellectual and negative phase of it that is not yet spiritually enlightened. Shemida means name of wisdom, fame of wisdom; but the understanding that is of the outer mentality alone, and is negative in its nature, cannot give true joy and satisfaction. So this exaltation and pride of knowing (Shemida) that comes of intellectual wisdom brings forth Aniam--a sighing and mourning of the religious thoughts of the consciousness (people of Israel) for true, positive, spiritual understanding. Such understanding alone can take sorrow from our thought people and can satisfy the desire of the soul.

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