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Metaphysical meaning of Allemeth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Allemeth (mbd)
Allemeth (in A. V., Alemeth), al'-lemeth (Heb.)--place of concealment; hiding place; covering, otherwise adolescence.

A city of the Levites in the allotment of Benjamin--a city of refuge (I Chron. 6:60). This city is called Almon in Joshua 21:18.

Meta. An inner development, or soul progression. The outer man does not know that this development is going on in him (adolescence), but it becomes a "city of refuge" in his consciousness--a stronghold of true justice (covering, hiding place) wherein there is release and protection from all consciousness of sin and from all condemnation for past errors of mind or of body. True justice delivers the individual from error and its results; it does not condemn or destroy. Man must learn that God is lifting up and redeeming, or saving, His creation and making it perfect. As the realization of this truth dawns upon man and grows strong in his consciousness, he is lifted out of mortality into Godlikeness.

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