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Metaphysical meaning of Aijalon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aijalon (mbd)
Aijalon (in A. V., Joshua 10:12 and in II Chronicles 28:18, Ajalon), ai'-jå-lon (Heb.)--place of deer; place of oaks; a strong place.

a A valley and a city in the portion of Canaan that was allotted to the tribe of Dan (Josh. 10:12; 19:42). b A place belonging to the tribe of Zebulun (Judg. 12:12). (See I Chron. 6:69; II Chron. 11:10.)

Meta. Dan and Zebulun refer to phases of order, judgment, and intelligent discrimination in the consciousness. Joshua commanded the moon to stand still in the Valley of Aijalon while the Israelites completed their destruction of the Amorites. Aijalon therefore has to do with intellectual or reflected thought: the moon borrows its light from the sun, and the intellect reflects its understanding from the one Intelligence, Spirit.

Aijalon represents the fleetness (deer) of thought and the strength and protection (place of oaks, a strong place) inherent in the true thoughts that meet and overcome error (Ammonites) when these thoughts are established in Spirit and directed by I AM, Joshua.

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