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Metaphysical meaning of Ahisamach (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahisamach (mbd)
Ahisamach, a-h;s'-a-mach (Heb.)--brother of support, i. e., helpful, aiding; supporting brother; my brother is supporting.

Father of Oholiah, of the tribe of Dan (Ex. 31:6; 35:34).

Meta. A helpful, sustaining attitude of mind that is based on good judgment (supporting brother, aiding, helpful; a Danite, Dan meaning judge). This attitude of mind tends to build up and maintain the body temple in poise and harmony. The tabernacle in the wilderness refers to the outer physical body; Oholiah, son of Ahisamach, was one of the wise workmen employed in making this tabernacle and its furnishings.

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