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Metaphysical meaning of Adullam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Adullam (mbd)
Adullam, a-dul'-lam (Heb.)--justice of the people; equity of the people.

a A city of Judah, which had formerly been one of the royal cities of the Canaanites (Josh. 12:15; 15: 35); it was one of the cities that Rehoboam fortified (II Chron. 11:7). b A cave to which David escaped (I Sam. 22:1).

Meta. A phase of prayer, or a state of poise and discernment, in the individual. Being in the valley, it would not refer to a high, exalted state of mind in prayer, but would be more of an established equilibrium and adjustment in the body consciousness (equity of the people, justice of the people). The cave of Adullam, to which David (love) fled to get away from Saul (the adverse personal will attempts to destroy the love consciousness, which is destined to rule), would especially be deep within the subjective life forces of the organism.

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