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Metaphysical meaning of Abel-beth-maacah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abel-beth-maacah (mbd)
Abel-beth-maacah, a'-bel-beth-ma'-acah (Heb.)--meadow of the house of Maacah; meadow of the house of oppression.

A city of Naphtali (I Kings 15:20; II Kings 15:29); in II Chronicles 16:4 it is called Abel-maim.

Meta. Abel means meadow. A meadow is a grassland, and is generally used to provide grass and hay for domestic animals, principally horses, cattle, and sheep. These animals symbolize the physical strength and the natural vital forces of the human organism Abel therefore stands for a substance state of consciousness by which the animal forces of the body are sustained.

Naphtali refers to the strength center in man This center is located in the region of the kidneys, whose office is to eliminate certain watery elements from the blood.

Beth means house, and Maacah means oppression, depression, or pressed down, worn. Abel-beth-maacah, meadow of the house of oppression, a city of Naphtali, therefore signifies the weighed-down, worn-out feeling that we experience when our strength (Naphtali) has been given over to the physical and our substance has been dissipated through sense activity. When this condition obtains, the whole vitality is lowered; the depression usually strikes first at the pit of the stomach, the substance center in consciousness.

Abel-beth-maacah also was called Abel-maim, meadow of waters. Waters symbolize an unstable, changing element in consciousness; waters often stand for a cleansing quality also. So the substance in our organism must be cleansed, uplifted, and transmuted (changed) into its original spiritual essence before it becomes stable, abiding.

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