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Go Light Your World 2017 Speakers

Jim BlakeJim Blake
CEO, Unity World Headquarters. Unity has engaged culture with a message of wholeness, empowerment and prosperity for over 125 years.

Clay BoykinClay Boykin
Founder, Men's Fellowship Network. Clay has developed a model for exploring topics in male spirituality such as: vulnerability, fear, shame, love and grace. Guys have been meeting in Austin, Texas for over five years, but the website has drawn people from all over the globe with similar interests. About half the visitors to the site are women.

Rev. Sandra CampbellRev. Sandra Campbell
Associate Minister Unity Temple on the Plaza.

Martin DowmanMartin Dowman, LUT
Founder, Unity Light Circles. Martin has mentored high school kids in Unity as a YOU sponsor for the past 14 years. He has now developed a program of experiential workshops to support young adults 18 to 24 as they transition from YOU to young adults.

Robin GoffRobin Goff, LUT
Founder, The Light Center and LoveLight. The Light Center has served as a retreat and learning center, near Baldwin City, KS for over 22 years. LoveLight, a project of the Light Center, is a global outreach program created in 2003 to support the children and grandmothers of the AIDS orphan crisis in South Africa. It has become a leader in relationships with nonprofit organizations on the ground in South Africa in support of cross-transformation and sustainable assistance.

Mark HicksMark Hicks, LUT
Hunger advocate, Bread for the World. Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. Mark will speak to his 40-year involvement with BFW and discuss common values shared by Unity and Bread for the World.

Rev. Cecilia LovingRev. Cecilia Loving
Founder and Senior Minister, Spiritmuv. SPIRITMUV® engages culture in multiple formats: worship, blog, publishing, events, workshops and mentoring. Rev. Loving is a prolific writer and the author of God is a Brown Girl Too, a book of healing and self-empowerment for women of color. Before beginning her ministry in 2009, she practiced law for more than 20 years.

Rev. Carol SaundersRev. Carol Saunders
Founder and Spiritual Leader, Abundant Life Spiritual Center. Rev. Carol blogs at Wolf and the Lamb, a blog for the spiritually minded person who is seeking wholeness and awakening to his/her kinship and connection with all sentient beings.

Rev. Lonnie VandersliceRev. Lonnie Vanderslice
Founder, Unity of Spirit. Rev. Lonnie provides services to individuals who have felt marginalized due to addiction, sexual orientation, spiritual belief systems, and other life circumstances. This summer she has co-founded “The Sewing Labs”, imparting jobs training skills to prepare individuals for employment in sewing-related industries and serving as a training and resource center for the urban Kansas City community.