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Go Light Your World 2017 Sponsors

Sponsors for the 2017 Go Light Your World Conference are shown in the column to the right.

The 2017 Go Light Your World Conference is not a fund-raiser. It is rather a consciousness-raiser for the promotion of ministries directly engaging culture.

The finances for this event are structured so that this gathering is self-perpetuating. For this to happen, the speakers need to have their time and travel adequately compensated. So the money we raise for this gathering will go out first to cover costs of meals and publicity, second to tithe our hosting church and all remaining contributions to compensate the speakers for their time and travel.

The speakers at this event have been invited to speak because they are leading ministries that directly engage with culture within New Thought and Unity. We need them to continue their leadership by speaking at this gathering. To speak at this event, some of them will incur substantial travel costs and some of them have children or other family obligations at home. All of them are busy. Your sponsorship will help with the costs they will occur and will compensate them for the spiritual blessing they bring. It that sounds like a tithe, it is.

TruthUnity Ministries is sponsoring this event and, since TruthUnity is a 501(c)3, your sponsorship of this event is tax deductible.

There are two ways to become a sponsor. One way to become a sponsor is by going to the registration page and selecting "Sponsorship." Another way is to send a check to TruthUnity Ministries and designate that it is a sponsorship of the 2017 Go Light Your World Conference. Be sure to include contact information and if you wish to be listed with the other sponsors, let me know what name to use and what graphic or logo to add.

Thank you,
Mark Hicks