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Unity Metaphysics: 03 The Trinity

Unity Metaphysics 1 (Tan Book)
03 The Trinity

Unity Metaphysics (Tan) Book 1 Cover


"The Holy Trinity is known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Metaphysically, we understand the Trinity to refer to mind, idea, and expression, or thinker, thought, and action." (Keep a True Lent 14)

"All people who have studied metaphysics and understand somewhat the action of the mind recognize that there is one underlying law and that through this law all things come into expression; also that there is one universal Mind, the source and sole origin of all real intelligence. First is mind, then mind expresses itself in ideas, then the ideas make themselves manifest. This is a metaphysical statement of the Divine Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Trinity Mind, the expression of Mind, and the manifestations of Mind are found in simple numbers and complex combinations everywhere." (Jesus Christ Heals 121)

The framework of the Trinity is basic to metaphysical thinking, since it is symbolic of the process wherein manifestation is produced from the invisible energies of divine ideas. In Unity, most emphasis is given to this metaphysical framework of mind, idea, and expression. The theological meaning of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is perhaps more complicated, and it is on this approach to the meaning of the Trinity that there exists differences of interpretation.


"The metaphysics of the Hebrew Scriptures are based on this law of the Trinity. They were written far ahead of the race thought, and it is probable that those who wrote them did not understand all that was involved in the word of the Spirit." (Jesus Christ Heals 122)

"Here are the Scripture symbols compared with modern metaphysical terms:

  • God-Christ-man.
  • Mind-idea-manitestation,
  • Father-Son-Holy Spirit.
  • Thinker-thought-action.
  • Spirit-soul-body."
(Jesus Christ Heals 64)

These two excerpts are good examples of Mr. Fillmore's thoughts about the Trinity in both scriptural and metaphysical terms. In some of his other writings he reveals a recognition of the Trinity also in the manifest-physical level of life. In The Twelve Powers of Man 54 he writes: "Three primal forces of Being are manifest in the simplest protoplastic cell ... every atom has substance, life, and intelligence."


"God is the name of the all-encompassing Mind. Christ is the name of the all-loving Mind. Holy Spirit is the all-active manifestation. These three are one fundamental Mind in its three creative aspects." (Jesus Christ Heals 63)

"Reducing the Trinity to simple numbers takes away much of its mystery. When we say that there is One Being with three attitudes of mind, we have stated in plain terms all that is involved in the intricate theological doctrine of the Trinity." (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 20)

Mr. Fillmore refers to overcoming the "mystery" of both the idea of the Trinity and of the "intricate theological doctrine of the trinity." This indicates that he felt the desirability of a more simple and logical approach to this subject. Perhaps the most practical value of understanding the Trinity is simply that it involves all the orderly energy sequences which result in desirable manifestations.


"God is first in the Trinity. God is mind and is everywhere present. God is principle, law, Being, Spirit, AllGood, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, unchangeable, Creator, Father, cause, and source of all that is. God as Spirit is forever accessible." (Keep a True Lent 14)

God as first in the Trinity can be viewed as the Absolute. God as first in the Trinity is TOTALLY POSITIVE, the ultimate of positive energy expression, what we call ABSOLUTE GOOD!


"Second in the Trinity is God's idea of man. It is called Jehovah in the Old Testament and Christ in the New Testament. The second in the Trinity is also called the Word, the Son, the Logos, the anointed One, and the I AM." (Keep a True Lent 15)

"Logos—The Word of God; the divine archetype idea that contains all ideas: The Christ, the Son of God, spiritual man in manifestation." (The Revealing Word, Logos, p.123)

"The Christ is God's divine idea of man, the embodiment of all divine ideas existing in the mind of Being." (Keep a True Lent 10)

"You are linked with the universal spiritual mind through the Christ Mind. It is through the Christ Mind that all things come to you; it is the channel to the All-Mind of the Father." (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 75)

This section can sometimes seem confusing since Mr. Fillmore uses several terms synonomously. Perhaps the clearest definition is in the third paragraph of this section when he writes: "Christ is God's divine idea of man, the embodiment of all divine ideas existing in the mind of Being."


"The work of the Holy Spirit is the executive power of Father (mind) and Son (idea) carrying out the creative plan. It is through the help of the Holy Spirit that man overcomes. The Holy Spirit reveals, helps, and directs in this overcoming. 'The Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.' It finally leads man into the light." (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 38)

"Do not be misled by the personality of the Holy Spirit and the reference to it as 'he' . . . The Holy Spirit is the love of Jehovah taking care of the human family, and love is always feminine. Love is the great harmonizer and healer, and whoever calls upon God as Holy Spirit is calling upon the divine love." (Jesus Christ Heals 183)


"The Spirit of Truth is God's thought projecting into our minds ideas that will build a spiritual consciousness like that of Jesus. The Spirit of Truth watches every detail of our lives, and when we ask and by affirmation proclaim its presence, it brings new life into our bodies." (Jesus Christ Heals 180)

The Spirit of Truth is a spiritual concept very similar to the Holy Spirit. But the Spirit of Truth has more to do with knowledge and understanding, rather than just good in general as is the case with the Holy Spirit. "The Spirit of Truth" is a term originating with Jesus. He designates this Spirit to be the actual conveyor of divine ideas into the level of our current ability to understand. Jesus makes the Spirit of Truth a very personal thing for each person who believes and accepts that Spirit. The Spirit of Truth is involved in all healing but its primary function is the development of spiritual knowledge and understanding of Truth principles.


"If you would know the mystery of Being, see yourself in Being. Know yourself as an integral idea in Divine Mind, and all other ideas will recognize you as their fellow worker. Throw yourself out of the Trinity, and you become an onlooker. Throw yourself into the Holy Trinity, and you become its avenue of expression.” (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 20)

What is said in this paragraph is true of all Truth teachings. You must not think of yourself as one thing and Truth as another thing. YOU ARE THAT TRUTH, AND THAT TRUTH IS YOU! Metaphysical teachings have no real meaning or purpose unless a human being is involved. There is no virtue without a human being involved. There is no sin or evil without a human being involved. There is no healing, no prosperity, no happiness without human beings involved in either negating them or experiencing and sharing them.

Transcribed by Sheri Owen on August 5, 2015.

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