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Reform Your God Thought

When man looks to them for help in any condition of inharmony, he is departing from a universally recognized principle of sequence. God, Spirit or Mind—whatever you choose to name it—is the supreme dictator, and thought is its only mode of manifestation. Mind generates thought perpetually; all the harmonious and permanent affairs of men, and the innumerable systems of the infinite cosmos, are moved in majestic measures by its steady flow.

Ed Rabel

All divine ideas have their origin in the silence. Silence and stillness are the matrix out of which come all needed good. Our Bible emphasizes this fact in many ways. It is a theme that runs throughout the teachings of Jesus. And it is an idea taught and practiced in the Unity way of life. The abode of PURE POWER is silence. The abode of PURE STRENGTH is stillness. When we enter a state of inner silence and stillness we are connected to the source of pure power and strength. From this connection we can receive a new infilling of both. Movement and sound are expenditures of strength and power. Such expenditure is necessary in our existence, but renewal through infilling is also necessary. Ed Rabel, Metaphysics 1, Prayer and Meditation, The Silence"

- Ed Rabel

4. All power has its birth in the silence. There is no exception to this rule in all the evidence of life. Noise is the dying vibration of a spent force. All the clatter of visibility, from the harangue of the ward politician to the thunder's roar, is but evidence of exhausted power. As well try to control the lightning's flash by wrapping the thunder about it, as attempt to regulate mind by statutory enactments.