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Jim Gaither - The Essential Charles Fillmore

The Essential Charles Fillmore cover

The best way to understand Charles Fillmore is to read Jim Gaither's introduction to 28 Fillmore writings that he has included in his book, The Essential Charles Fillmore: A Guide to Practical Mysticism and Metaphysics (Revised Edition).

What is new here on TruthUnity is that I have placed a menu on TruthUnity that has links to 27 of the 28 writings that Jim has selected for his book. That lets anyone who happens on one of these pages know that the writing is included in Jim's book; it lets them read the writing in the context of whatever Fillmore book the writing is found; and it lets them read in the same order as Jim has categorized them.

What these pages do not provide is Jim’s introduction to each writing. I have found Jim’s introductions nearly as essential to understanding Charles Fillmore as is each original writing itself. If you want to read the whole range of Charles Fillmore’s thought read these selected writings; if you want to truly understand Charles Fillmore read Jim’s introductions.

This is so because Unity, as a religious and spiritual movement, does not exist in a cultural vacuum. Anyone who is exploring Unity will compare its teachings and practices to others which they understand. They do so primarily by placing each writing in a category, such as writings about God, Jesus, healing, prosperity, eternal life, etc.

Jim not only places each writing in well-known categories, he also provides an understandable introduction to each category. So what I got from Jim’s book is not only a deeper understanding of Charles Fillmore, but also a deeper understanding of why each category is important to my spiritual journey. I have found that it is not only the writings that are essential, so too is the context.

So I encourage you to click through and to take a look at each of the 27 writings that are available to you right now. You will see a special menu “The Essential Charles Fillmore”. Click on that menu and you then see links to any other page on TruthUnity that Jim has included in his collection. And then I encourage you to buy and read the book for a deeper understanding of Charles Fillmore.

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Mark Hicks
March 27, 2022

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