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The Master Key To Every Kingdom: Grace

X — “Reconciled—”

A kingdom of heaven on earth may be unmerited by the “amount” of our single-handed realization of Christ, the original potentiality of God in every soul. But now the Grace of God, the gift of the Christ Jesus Holy Spirit Comforter power of fulfilling righteous desires speedily and harmoniously indwells us. Since one Son of God, Jesus, did attain oneness with God, Good; and since, by the very law of the essential oneness of all men everywhere, one Son who had achieved perfection could not help but share it with all others, this “supernatural gift” of Grace is now “bestowed” on us for our “salvation” and does save us, from toil and tribulation now—unless we repudiate it .

Can one loving child in a family attain wealth and not share it with the other children—unless they refuse to accept?

Jesus realized the greatest spirituality, soul wealth, and He was, and is, a loving Brother. Shall we repudiate His gift, the Grace of God, olfered now to all of us?

God the Father is law as well as love. In strict justice, He would be unable to grant man perfect immediate fulfillment of his desires if there were not the necessary faith in man. But one man, Jesus, developed the sufficient faith and has given it to all others whose own imperfect realization of the inner Christ potentiality did not produce it. Because one man, Jesus, realized and manifested perfectly His Christhood, and gave His realization, His “Blood,” to all men everywhere, forever, all other men who accept the Grace of the Christed Jesus no longer need be “judged,” or rewarded, according to their own unaided faith, but according to the perfect faith they accept from the Saviour—God’s mercy. Now man may not only draw upon his own indwelling Christ to save him from all the ills to which the flesh is heir; now man may draw upon the Christ Jesus, the Christ actualized, or Christ proved, realization of Jesus. For this has been merged with and infused into the race knowing—and has “stepped up” the Holy Trinity for every man to: the Father, the Son manifest, and the Holy Spirit Comforter, Christ Jesus living through man.

To receive the Divine Grace, “let this mind (consciousness, realization) be in you which was also (and is) in Christ Jesus.” Shall we not let the ascended Lord be our Lord and our God? Shall we not, as were the disciples, believing in Jesus’ resurrection and ascension as helping them, be continually in our temple or church, inner place of worship, (and frequent our outer church too,) blessing God, praising Good, until the day of Pentecost shall come for us? Until we experience the “descent” of the Holy Spirit as Comforter into our heart?

Shall we not let freedom ring? Shall we not let freedom ring a bell in our minds—and not the bell that tells us we have gone down for the count to “crucifixion,” distress and delay?

Believing that Jesus lifted up our Lord, the Law of life for us, above the crucifixion, we have reason to expect that the law of distress and delay has been transcended for us. Believing that Jesus did change the Word in us to the Word made flesh, we have reason to expect to do the “greater works” that He said we would do; we have reason to expect fulfillment of His promise of the signs (miracles) that will accompany him “that believeth and is baptized,” by an inner acceptance of Christ Jesus of which the outer ritual of baptism is the symbol.

“Give us the old-time power, Lord,
   The Pentecostal power.”

Happy are we if we know what, actually, it is.

© 1947, Crichton Russ Boatwright