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Generation and Regeneration

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2. Healing the Organs of Generation

A Course of Lessons for Advancement in the Spiritual Life
Especially dedicated to those who desire to go All the Way with Jesus Christ

THE first work in Regeneration is the healing of the body, and especially the healing of the organs of generation. As all the causation of the conditions in the body is mental, one of the first things one must do is to learn the law of right thinking and right feeling. As long as there are fears concerning generation, and ignorance as to the meaning of it, and a sense of impurity connected with it, so long will these organs be more or less affected. The organs of generation are recording continually—

(1) Our belief about purity, its power, presence and reality, (2) our belief about the sex relation and (3) our belief about the fruit of our works, as to whether they are a success or a failure. If any of these three beliefs is not according to the highest, then the result is disease or disturbance in the body, especially in the generative region.

The candidate for regeneration must be thoroughly embued and possessed with the thought of purity. Purity is the recognition of but one and that one is altogether good. Purity signifies without any mixture, and when the sense of goodness is without any sense of evil in it, then this one is said to have a pure mind. When the consciousness in the heart is of one only, and that one, good; that is a pure heart. “Blessed are the pure in heart” because they see only God, the One who is pure in everyone; and it is that One, who is thinking and feeling when the Truth takes hold upon us, and we believe that Good is all there really is. Since God is the only presence and the only actor in all action, we must believe there is no real presence to impurity, and that no act is impure of itself.

“There is nothing unclean of itself.”
“To the pure all things are pure.”

The high and holy One is the power back of every action, therefore we must see that high and holy One in the sex-act. Our eyes must be so pure, that we cannot see anything unclean in anyone’s actions or words or thoughts or feelings.

If one is troubled with unclean thoughts—unchaste desires—then the faithful thought must be that there is but one power working in and through our universe, and it always works for the highest and the holiest. There is really no desire to do an impure thing. The one who will stand by principle, will not be deceived nor confused about the actions of mortality. There need be no fear that the result of speaking the truth will be license. True liberty is not license. True liberty comes from the law of freedom which is purity. They who take license are still under the law and they will have to pay the price. “Whoso committeth sin is the bond-servant of sin.”—John 8:34. But they who are above the law are free, and are not given over to license.

It is well for us to take the question of sex wholly out of ethical consideration, out of the moral law, and look at it from the standpoint of Truth. It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of freedom and deliverance. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” As long as we do not know the truth about sex in generation, we are subject to disease and all the results of “missing the mark,” making mistakes, and other forms of not knowing.

There are many forms of corruption in the body that are the result of belief in the reality of impurity. Catarrhal affections have been healed by one being set free from the sense of being impure. Condemnation and self-accusation of impurity are errors. It is not those who are doing impure acts that always suffer from corruption in the body; it is those who are accusing themselves of having feelings that are not pure. One who justifies sensuality and finds no wrong in it, may have a body quite free from corruption, and he may remain well, until he comes under self-accusation, or the condemnation of one he loves. The student should give himself, or herself, over to thoughts of purity, such as “I am pure,” “You are pure.” “There is nothing in all the world but purity.”

The ears should be closed to all suggestions of unclean talk, and scandals and gossip concerning the actions of others, that are counted sensual or impure. All indulgence in conversation that is not fit, or in looking at things that appear unclean to one, should be set aside. And if such conversation falls on one’s ears, or such sights come before the eyes, then one owes it to oneself to declare, “Purity is all there really is.” “Holy, holy, holy, the whole earth is full of the holiness of God.” Let the breath of holiness go into every part of your consciousness, and fill your minds with the sense that there is nothing, and there is nobody, but the Holy One.

Nothing that is done to the body can corrupt one. Though one should contact tainted things and even contagious diseases and unclean personalities, it is possible by a pure, clean thought, and a right attitude of mind to be immune from any such false condition. Your body is the holy temple of God and the truth is, it cannot be defiled. Whatever would attempt to “defile this holy temple, God destroys,” that is, the Truth makes such ineffectual. It has no power to corrupt any part of your body. For as long as one does not partake of the sexual act by thought or desire, it will be utterly nothing to one, neither hurting nor hindering such in their spiritual-ongoing.

The wife who feels herself contaminated by the embrace of her husband, should rise above any such feelings, give herself over to the Spirit, to God, and remember there is but one Husband for her, the Almighty. Let her dismiss all fear and sense of impurity. If, on the other hand, she feels herself condemned, because of her desire nature, let her give herself much to prayer, seeking God and God alone at all times, and she will lift up her husband and herself, so that he will depend less and less upon externals for his satisfaction, and will find enjoyment in the Soul union that is independent of the flesh. Let both husband and wife, each receive only the highest good of the other, the great spiritual uplift, remembering that this is why they were brought together. Let them trust wholly in the Spirit to be delivered from relationships that are stumblingblocks, and when such have left the old state, let them stand firm even though it seem like cutting off the right hand or the right foot. This is what Jesus meant when he gave his great laws concerning the relationship of the sexes, Matt. 5:27 to 32, [See commentary on this passage in the book, “Sermon on the Mount,” by Annie Rix Militz, page 30] Matt. 19:12 and Luke 20:35.

Be watchful night and day, that you do not indulge in any sense of impurity, or dwell upon any thought or feeling that you deem impure. “Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord, they that have clean hands and a pure heart,” Psalms 24:3, 4.

The second set of errors, which is to be corrected is ignorance about sex, and perverted views concerning it. Fear concerning the opposite sex and resistance and hatred toward sex relationship, and towards marriage in general, may be the errors that lie back of congestion and other painful expressions in the generative organs. False foretelling of conditions liable to come, and perverted habits have been productive of many false manifestations called disease. Shocks, fears and other troubles have distorted the organs and caused abnormal manifestations, which are healed as soon as we know there is no sex in Spirit, and the flesh-experiences are only a dream.

In Spirit each one is perfectly whole, the two in one, and we need not avoid the opposite sex or make any separation between ourselves and them, but see the Spirit which knows no separation of sex. Men and women have suffered from troubles sexual, through the descriptions which have been given to them, by people in whom they have had trust, of diseases and excessive indulgences—told by people who were ignorant concerning normal relationships, or else were unconscionable in describing conditions which are not harmful in themselves, but sounded so to those who heard, such as the weakness of seminal losses, which sometimes are but the natural monthly discharge, not peculiar to one sex more than the other. Many of the diagnoses of doctors and the medical advertisements in the papers lie at the root of troubles which, even from the world’s standpoint, have no foundation and need never have been but for the alarm and false suggestions imposed upon the victims. Whatever may have been the mistakes of the past, let us turn our backs upon them, and know we are like people born again; having wholly changed our minds concerning the old habits and the old thoughts and ways, we work out our salvation according to Truth; we live the life of our spiritual Self that seeks and finds its satisfaction only in God.

But the mental causes, which lie back of the diseases in the generative organs, cannot be traced to mere thought about sex, for that realm of our nature also represents our belief in generating, or bringing forth, works of any kind. Upon these organs are recorded our thoughts concerning our creative works in other directions besides reproduction in the flesh. If we have been successful, then the organs are normal, but if we have made failures in our minds, or appear to have been unsuccessful in bringing forth good fruits from our labors, then these beliefs in mistakes and failures are recorded as weakness in, and lack of right, normal expression through, these organs. If our work has not come up to our standard, if we or someone else have fallen below the ideal which we hold for ourselves or them, such views may be expressed as prolapsus in these organs. If we have been constricted by someone’s opposition, jealousy, or resistance, or depreciation toward us and our work, then congestion may be expressed, or tensity, or stricture in some form, reflecting also in some other part of our body not connected with the generative regions.

A lady had great difficulty in her monthly periods and also suffered from headaches, as though she had a band round about her head, because her husband was jealous and resisted her and depreciated her talent and her work. As soon as she realized the truth, she held this thought for her husband: “You and I are one, and all praise given to me is given to you also,” and the power of the spirit within herself lifted that ban with the result of freedom in the organs of generation, and also in her head.

The creative ability is not confined to bringing forth objects of the flesh, and our imagining power must be turned in other directions, and our hunger for expression through our offspring, must be lifted up, that we may realize we can give to the world as great benefits through the works of our hands and our heart and our head, as could be expressed through generating after the flesh. Sex-hunger is the same as hunger after food or drink or any earthly experience. It is but the shadow or reflection of a divine hunger, that Jesus describes as a blessing in itself. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” The desire after a mate, after a child, after satisfaction in a companion, can never be truly, perfectly satisfied except in the union with God. Whenever this yearning comes to students of Truth, they should lift up their whole being to the Divine One, and exalt the love in prayer and praise, then the mighty passion can be used by the Creator of the universe, to express His will and His bliss in many, many works, which shall benefit thousands instead of the few.

The time of the menopause commonly called, “change of life” has long been looked upon as the most critical time with woman. Traditions that are associated with it must be set aside. Nothing abnormal need be expected. It is but nature conforming to the divine idea, that generation is finished at a certain period, and woman must lift up her mind and her heart to spiritual regeneration. A spiritually-minded woman may find at this time, that she is awakening in the life-center, where she has hitherto been quite dead and unresponsive. She is liable to be shocked and because of her early training concerning such feelings, which have been considered immodest and not belonging to a truly spiritual woman, she may think that she is degenerating. If she will not condemn herself, or think that this is something from the devil, or some other evil source, but will lift her heart in prayer, she will soon find she is going on into new life and new youth and not losing her womanly purity.

The thought that the seed of man or woman is corrupt, and that it must be cast out periodically, must be dismissed by those who know that there is no impurity in anything, because the reality of all is the incorruptible substance of God. There are no corrupt thoughts in the true Mind; there is nothing but cleanness in the seed.

Woman, as the great conserver of the race, should understand her creative secretion to be pure, healthful, immortal substance. It is to be mentally lifted up, and consecrated to God, to be used for spiritual manifestation. It is an ancient teaching of the Chinese mystics and others, that the seed of the man, that is conserved by spiritual force of self-control, becomes transmuted into a finer, more delicate flesh, which is the outpicturing of an interior body, which finally takes the place of this body, and expresses immortality here upon the earth. The same description would apply to the seed of the woman.

It is the woman in each of us (whatever our sex may seem to be) that is the conserving power, the power “to contain” as Paul expresses it when he advises (I Cor. 7:9) the unmarried to marry “if they cannot contain.” Continence is the power to contain within oneself, or conserve, the fecundating fluid. This power is exercised by the conservative element in us, the woman in us. She always draws inward, towards the center, and through the feminine power that is within a man, he is able to retain his seed at will, and conceive and nourish the Christ-child within himself. This is the immaculate conception, the only conception in the Regeneration. Every time it is realized, a man’s days are prolonged, his health renewed, and his whole being becomes the wedding feast where the Christ turns the water of the old life into the wine of the new.

Meditate upon purity and the Christ-power to consecrate all your powers of generation to the Spirit, to be used in the renewal and rebuilding of the body, and in preparing the character for the refining fires of Regeneration, so that these fires shall be sweet and blissful, and we shall be saved from every sense of loss in our bodies, minds, souls and affairs.