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Donald Curtis The Metaphysics of Emerson

Donald Curtis Unity Minister

Donald Curtis on The Metaphysics of Emerson

Hi Friends,

What I have to offer this morning is a series of four talks by Donald Curtis, Hollywood actor turned New Thought minister (Religious Science and Unity) and celebrated minister at Unity of Dallas. Click here to hear what Catherine Ponder has to say about Donald Curtis.

More important than Curtis is the topic of his talks—The Metaphysics of Emerson. Without Metaphysics the “metaphysical movement” we know as New Thought would never have occurred. And it was Emerson who passed on to us ancient Greek Metaphysics in the form of Transcendentalism. These four talks provide an understanding of both, and they are delivered with the skill of a Hollywood actor. You will enjoy listening to them.

I’ve long wanted to share these tapes. Besides the audio, I’ve also got a downloadable transcripts to read for those who are vision impaired or who wish to have them for searching and study.

In a few hours I'm speaking at Unity of Dallas, which is celebrating 80 years and highlighting the work of Donald Curtis. The service is at 11 am Central time. Here is a link to their Sunday services and here is a link to their sermon replays. Thank you Rev. James Buchanan for inviting me to speak.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, November 12, 2023

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Audio, Transcripts and Notes

Lecture 1 - Oversoul

Download audio of Lecture 1 - The Oversoul

Download transcript of Lecture 1 - The Oversoul

In this transcript, Dr. Donald Curtis discusses the teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the concept of the Over-Soul. He explains that Emerson believed in direct access to the divine source, which he called the Over-Soul or God. Curtis emphasizes the importance of personal experience and direct contact with this divine essence. He also discusses the idea of unity and oneness with the divine, stating that when we are in contact with the divine, we become channels for its expression. Curtis encourages listeners to trust their own intuition and inner perception, as well as to seek a deeper understanding of the soul and its connection to the divine. He concludes with a meditation on the unity and oneness of all beings in the presence of the divine.

Lecture 2 - Spiritual Laws

Download audio of Lecture 2 - Spiritual Laws

Download transcript of Lecture 2 - Spiritual Laws

In this transcript, Donald Curtis emphasizes the idea that God is present in all things and that aligning oneself with the divine will allows for higher levels of self-concept and self-awareness. He encourages listeners to be still and know that the presence within is God, and to trust in the spiritual laws that automatically execute themselves. He also discusses the importance of aligning one's actions and thoughts with their true nature and purpose, and the power of sincere communication and living in accordance with one's own genius. He emphasizes the need to let go of negative thinking and to trust in the divine guidance that is always available. He also highlights the importance of being true to oneself and representing oneself in goodness and peace. Overall, the transcript encourages listeners to align themselves with spiritual laws and to trust in the divine guidance that is always available.

Lecture 3 - Circles

Download audio of Lecture3 - Circles

Download transcript of Lecture3 - Circles

In this transcript, Donald Curtis discusses the concept of expanding consciousness and the limitless potential of the human mind. He emphasizes the idea that as our awareness and understanding grow, we move outward in a series of concentric circles, expanding our perception and realization of the divine presence within us. He also mentions the importance of letting go of past limitations and embracing the ever-expanding nature of life. He highlights the role of literature, art, and other forms of expression in inspiring us to reach new heights and break free from old patterns. He concludes by emphasizing the need to forget ourselves and be open to new experiences and possibilities.

Lecture 4 - BioInfo

Download mp3 of Lecture4 - BioInfo

Download transcript of Lecture4 - BioInfo

In this transcript, Don Curtis discusses the life and teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, an early New Thought individual and key figure in the transcendental movement. Curtis highlights Emerson's belief in the oneness and wholeness of the universe, as well as his emphasis on individualism and personal growth. He also discusses Emerson's influence on the New Thought movement and his belief in the power of thought and inspiration. Curtis concludes by encouraging listeners to align themselves with the divine and to be channels of light and truth.