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[This document has page numbers 6 through 34. Pages 1-5 are missing. Apparently it is a commentary on the Parable of the Tares (Matt. 13:24-30)]

Kingdom? The answer is that it must come thru a self’-recognition. That is, every man and every woman must first establish the Kingdom in themselves before they can enter into its expression, and we shall never have an expression until we have people enough who have in their own souls developed the foundation principles of this kingdom, and they are based upon right thinking; righteous understanding and application of this supreme Law of mind manifest in all of the devious avenues of Life.

Now this has, to our understanding involved, man must come into a higher consciousness of the race. Jesus taught that in the John the Baptist and the Jesus Christ states of consciousness. He said that John was the greatest of those born of women, but that John was least in this Kingdom than the least of its members; which would indicate that in this New Kingdom there will be degrees of understanding, degrees of unfoldment, degrees of power. John representing the intellectual illumination without its regeneration is not a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. It has always been supposed by Christians that John went to Heaven, but according to Jesus Christ, he could not have gone to heaven because he was not a member of the heavenly mind; he had not come to that state where he could appreciate the indwelling power of the mind. He had not developed - in other words - through his own regeneration and the purifying of his people, his inner thoughts - he had not yet come to a place making him worthy of the kingdom of heaven.

Then, the Kingdom of Heaven is something that is to be brought into manifestation in the man; it is to be brought into manifestation in the world, and yet the world will not be conscious of it outwardly. It will simply know that there is in their midst a class of people - peculiar people - who have laid hold of spiritual principles that they know nothing about. They simply have a consciousness of it, but they have not laid hold of them as working principles; as laws to be applied in their daily life. So in the study of the parables of Jesus Christ about the Kingdom we get here and there an inkling of the character of those who enter into the Kingdom. This sowing of the seed is really a sowing of ideas in the mind of man.

Now, we are told that Jesus, after talking to the multitude entered into his house and there he instructed his disciples. He interpreted for them certain parables about the Kingdom. Now, a metaphysician, one who is studying mind, knows at once what the entering into the house means. It means that the man who has been in the outer consciousness goes into his inner consciousness - he goes into his house - his body- and there he finds his disciples, or his faculties, and he can spiritually interpret to these faculties in terms of ideas all that has taken place in the outer. But the outer man really knows nothing about the intricate processes that go on in thought. You cannot explain to the outer mind these things which are plain and simple to the inner consciousness.

Then before the man without can understand he must develop spiritual consciousness. He must know the origin and relation of the ideas which are the cause side of all these outer conditions. He must know that he is the directive power of these ideas, and then he has the key to the whole situation. Then he calls his faculties, and gives them the inner meaning of the outer expression.

Now, the realms of mind correspond almost exactly to the soil. The mind is a great soil in which thoughts are planted, and these thoughts go thru transformation; they go thru changes; they save their harvest. And Jesus here tells us about the great harvest in which the good thoughts and the evil thoughts are to be either brought into barns - the good thoughts brought into barns and saved and stored for future use, and the evil thoughts are to be burned up.

Now, this has always been interpreted to mean the end of the world when good men are to go to heaven and evil men are to go to hell, there to be burned up, and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth we are told. And many people have been filled with fear and horror for not only the sinful world, but for themselves. I have heard many people recite the terrible soul agony in their youth when the minister described the condition of the lost, the souls that were burning forever and ever in hell. Now, there is nothing of this kind mentioned at all in this parable; it is not taught in the Scripture. The Scripture simply teaches that there shall be a purification. That the translators interpreted as hell has no place in the Bible with that meaning. It represents a purification; that is, a purification that shall have a certain element of time - and in Spirit there is no such thing as time.

Now, this reduced to simple numbers means that there is a constant day of harvest; there is a judgment day in every man’s life, and if we study ourselves we find that every experience is going thru this harvest time. The thoughts that we are planting today in our thoughts-soil - this inner consciousness are beginning to spread. They are going thru their growth just as the seeds planted in the earth go thru their growth and there is a time of harvest.

Now, we all have studied this and we know absolutely that our thoughts do bring forth according to the seed and the culture that we give them, and whether we interfere with them or whether we them alone. Now some people think that if man has control of his thoughts he should be continually pulling up the tares or weeds and throwing them away. So we find metaphysicians that spend their whole time in thought-analysis, denying or affirming everything that comes up. They have a denial or an affirmation for everything, and their books are filled with statements of all kinds that they have gathered here and there and everywhere. They spend nearly all their time in this pulling up of weeds, and every day they plant some new seeds, which keep quite a rotation of crops going on in their world. But, it keeps them also very busy, and they sometimes burn up the good with the evil. They keep up such a whirl, such a hot fire burning up the evil that it consumes the Good. Now this parable is aimed at that kind of people. People who are not patient enough to wait until the harvest before they weeded out the evil.

Now, in your own experience you will find that certain conditions in your life ought to be righted. No question about that. They are not in harmony with Divine Law and when you get into this kingdom within you where you can see the good and the evil like a procession going by, the first thought is: “Well, I am going to call off all these evil thoughts; they are adverse and they must be cast out of my life. It may be that these thoughts in your mind are represented by people in the outer world. We gather around us people - we gather conditions just according to our states of mind. You can pick out among all of your friends, ideas within yourself which they stand for. If there has come into your environment some great trial and you are striving to right it, and are working in the dark, it may be that you are striving too hard-you are working too strenuously in the attempt to right that condition before it is ripe - before the harvest has come. If you are wise you will ask for a larger discernment, a broader consciousness, a more far-reaching comprehension of the law of sowing and reaping in mind.

Now, there is a law governing all these mental processes, and as I say we have brought into our world - not only our thought world but into the world in which we live just the conditions that we find ourselves in. It is not thru some outer impulse or force that these conditions exist; it is because we have allowed them to exist. “Whilst the man slept”, we are told “the adversary sowed these tares.” That means that there are states of inertia in the man. That is sleeping. It is when a man wants to rest. The mind is not active in sleep, and it is thru these restful periods, these periods in which we do not exert our minds; for example, we accept the condition and rest in that state of consciousness, thinking frequently that we cannot change it, that it is beyond our power. That is a rest in the error; that is a rest in conditions that if we were awakened spiritually we could set going to an entirely different tune.

Now, this adverse mind, this mind of the world, the flesh and the devil, it sows these tares, these ideas of - well that certain conditions have been in the race and they must continue; we submit to them and they take possession of us. But if we are watching and waiting in the Spirit there will come a time of harvest. The pot will begin to boil until we see that it is just about to boil over, and then we skim off the skum that has risen from human thought, and all at once the clear liquid appears; the clear life is there, and we find that man is good; that he has intrinsically the good mind, and that there is in reality no evil.

Now this we gather into our consciousness, and it becomes the basis of a new state of mind; and we go on, it may be year after year, or month after month, or day after day, harvesting our thoughts; but the wise one does not try to right things until the time of harvest is come. He knows when that time of harvest is, and then he acts quickly. He does things, but if we try to do things before the harvest is ripe we interfere with the old process - we burn up our good; we do things that we would not do if we had been wiser.

So it is part of our study, and part of the work of bringing this wonderful kingdom of God into expression that we know when to move, when to change our thought, when to express ourselves to outward conditions; when, in other words, to right the condition that we are having in our lives that is adverse; that is opposed to the perfect expression of the Law; then we should call for the Divine illumination; we should ask for a larger expression of that inner wisdom that we may know and understand that Law; that we may no longer be in bondage to the darkness of inertia. Jesus said: ”I say unto you, watch.”

Now, we should be watching and waiting for the answer, for this time of harvest in our lives. These harvest periods come to you more frequently than you have any idea of and they have been passed by without your making the necessary move. Then the harvest is ripe in that family condition you can adjust thru a few simple statements made in Spirit change the whole condition. Or, it may be that it is in your finances; things are not going just right; there are certain factors, certain people connected with your affairs that you think if they would change their mind, or if they were eliminated a new influx of power would come. You can have no life in your finances, and you see that, and yet you seem helpless to change the condition. You say that if you should make a change now it would take away maybe part of your capital, or it would take away a good worker along a certain line; and what are you going to do? Just continue to make your statements of Truth. Just say: “Now, only Divine Order, Divine Prosperity, Divine Success enters into all of our affairs.”

Make your statements every day, and watch. Soon there will be a time when, if you speak just the right word, everything will come to the surface, and the negation, the tares, the adverse condition will be consumed; burned up. There is a burning up process in the mind. The mind has its fire in which evil thoughts, error thoughts, flesh thoughts, ignorant thoughts are absolutely consumed - burned up; and when you know how to call into action this fire of the mind, you have added to you a great illuminating, purifying, cleansing power. It exists in consciousness as a spiritual fire; you come to a place in your development where you can absolutely feel it.

Sometimes it is not wise to call it into expression before you are sure that the thought should be burned up. Some thoughts that seem adverse are really at the core good, and we should be a little bit careful about burning up condition, burning up thoughts, burning up people. I know of those who would like to have all their enemies burned right up. But it would not be wise to burn up your enemies because they in their realm may be good; they may be bringing about in their world just as much good as you are in your world. Then don’t let this consuming fire of the mind get out into the world about us; keep it within yourself; just burn up your own error thoughts and you will get good results every time.

But remember, now, that the harvest is going on, and if we are for example physically suffering from some trouble that you have not been able to heal and your friends have not been able to heal, it may be that that is the representation, the outer expression of some state of mind that must come to harvest before that condition will disappear. Then, be patient and search within for all the factors entering into that condition. Study it a little more, and just at the right time you will feel led probably to make a sweeping denial of its having any reality in you - any existence; that will burn it up; it will disappear.

So with some appetite, or some passion. If you should shut down all at once upon that impulse, that passion, or that appetite you would simply imprison it. It must be transformed. It must grow with the good thoughts, and attaining its maturity it will go to seed and be burned up as a useless element of your life.

So then, added in any of these experiences we should be more patient with our “man”, because all this is the dealing of the I-am with the man. There is the man of the outer world and there is the man of the inner world. How, that outer man has his place; that is, he is a factor; he is largely made by the adverse, he is largely evil in his tendencies; he is full of short-comings, and yet you cannot destroy him because he has many good qualities. He is a necessary part of his world because you have created him.

Now, we find in the coming into consciousness of man in his inner kingdom, that he has many, many divergent thoughts to handle. He comes in touch with the outer world, and he is led here and there and everywhere by force; that he is really asleep to his Divine Nature; that he is being dealt with by the adversary. It is while men sleep that this adversary sows in their minds the error thoughts. It is while you are asleep to your spiritual consciousness and the kingdom of heaven within you that you allow yourself to believe, for example, that in your pleasures you are really getting profit from. Attending the theatre, or going to dances, or doing a thousand things that are merely transitory amusements. You do not get any lasting profit out of these things, but you are asleep in this world of the adverse mind and you do not really know what is going on; you are wasting your time in hunting for pleasure. If you knew the inward truth you would not search for pleasure outside of Spiritual consciousness.

You would not waste your time in any attempt to get pleasure outside of a state of consciousness in which there was no profit. You would analyze every one of your experiences in the outer world in just that way, and you would say: “Did I get any profit out of that?”; is there any lasting Spiritual good in that show? Was there any good for me in that man’s instructions - are buttermilk and dates good for me? I don’t know; I may want something else”. Do not take anybody’s authority then. I want to know what the Spirit wants me to eat and drink. What does the Spirit want me to do. I must watch my own conscience. It makes no difference to me what other people do or think; if you are alive in Spirit, if you have entered into the kingdom of God there is the Son of God, and when the light has come to the Son of God, you know. And the Sons of God are to light this new kingdom - this new realm. Now, it is not for us to condemn the reforms in the world. They have their place. But you will notice that people who adopt these reforms do not abide in them for any great length of time.

I look back about thirty days, and I find that at our house a great reform set in; nobody ate breakfast, and nearly everybody ate dates and buttermilk; and there was a great, great reform there. But, it is fading away; they are getting back into the old, old way. Why? Well, because they didn’t get hold of the Kingdom of God; they were following somebody else - not following their own inner spiritual consciousness. No. that is the Truth. We all find ourselves adopting the world’s standards, the standards of the outer man because somebody else says so. Well, if you find yourself trying to get into the kingdom of heaven thru these outer methods you will find that it is an adverse thought. These things are adverse. It makes no difference how good they may seem, the only good is that which comes direct to you from the kingdom of your God.

Now, if you have ears to hear - why hear. Listen to the Spirit. Be obedient to the Spirit, you shall enter into the kingdom; you shall know what these parables mean; you shall find your own center of consciousness and dwell in it, and become the Son of the Living God.

Margaret Garvin Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on July 3, 2018.