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Twelve Directions for TruthUnity

Twelve directions for Unity Banner

Hi Friends,

Here are twelve directions that TruthUnity can take in 2017. Each represents a direction that Spirit tells me is important and useful to Unity. Each of them has been, as Emilie Cady wrote to Lowell Fillmore, “born out of the travail of my soul.” For me, they are like the twelve disciples, each has a name and each has a calling.

While all of them are loved and important, they are like the disciples or the twelve faculties: they need to be guided by the higher wisdom of Spirit.

I’m asking you help Spirit speak by doing the following right now:

  1. Read the list of twelve directions and pick out those that Spirit tells you are most important to Unity.
  2. Send an email to me at
  3. Rank the twelve directions from most important to the least important to the Unity movement.
  4. Add any additional personal feedback you want us to have while I and others set priorities for TruthUnity in 2017.
  5. Click SEND.

For example, let’s say you were to reply with: “Bible, Books, Discussion, Classes, Sermons, Audio, Commentary, Translations, SEE, Tracts, Correspondence Course, Ministry Map.” That would tell me that you hear Spirit stressing Bible, Books and Discussion over Tracts, the Correspondence Course and Ministry Maps. After giving your ranking, then write all you wish about TruthUnity personally. But, to really hear a collective voice of Spirit, I need your Spirit-led rankings, augmented by your additional feedback.

Don’t put it off. Read the list below, let Spirit speak, share what you hear.

With love and gratitude,

Mark Hicks