What is Practical Christianity?

Page 1 of Unity Tract by Annie Rix Militz entitled None of These Things Move Me

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This tract is special. If you open the PDF you will see at the bottom of the back side "published at 511 and 512 Hall Building, Kansas City, Mo." The Hall Building was used by Unity from 1892 until they moved to Magee Street in 1898.

Thank you, Samuel Patrick ("Sammy") Smith for sharing this fantastic Unity resource!


What is Practical Christianity?

Practical Christianity is the application in all the affairs of life, of the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

It explains how man may come into conscious relations with the Father, and what Jesus meant when he said: “God is Spirit; and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” — John 4, 24. R. V.

It explains the spiritual Being of Man and his relation to soul and body.

It explains the action of the mind, and how it is the connecting link between God and man; also how mind action affects the body, producing discord or harmony, sickness or health.

It shows what the faculties of man are, their relation and how to develop them, as symbolized by the type-man, Jesus Christ, and his twelve disciples. “We have the mind of Christ.” — 1 Cor. 2:16.

It explains why a failure to bring forth these faculties, or their misuse, is a falling short of the God-idea, the “image and likeness,” and which falling short is sin.

Subscriptions taken for Unity, a magazine advocating this doctrine, published at 511 and 512 Hall Building, Kansas City, Mo. Subscription, $1.00 per year.

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