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He Healeth Me

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He Healeth Me
L. Stevens Hatfield

THE SAME HEALING power that Jesus knew and used is available to everyone who has faith in God as his health. Those who dwell in a consciousness of Truth find that they are protected from illness by a presence that watches over them at all times. They accept their healing in the unmanifest form, and their expression of gratitude and praise is a powerful factor in making it manifest itself. Healing takes place instantly and becomes visibly manifest according to our recognition and acceptance.

Divine love is the law under which the universe operates; it is the law that heals every physical impairment. Since divine love is but another name for God this is merely a restatement of the fact that God is the great healer. There is no condition of mind, body, or affairs that cannot be healed when divine love is invoked through prayer and the mind is kept in an attitude of praise, free from fear and worry.

Although the body that our physical eyes behold may appear to have imperfections, we know that in Truth, in the sight of God, it is whole and perfect. To make this perfection manifest itself in visible form we deny the appearance of disease and affirm the reality of health.

To know that the healing power of God is always available to us is a comforting thought. God’s will for us is perfection, and His power is mighty to overcome every adverse appearance of illness and imperfection. As we grow in Truth we become conscious of the power and authority of Spirit abiding in us. We come to know that no matter how chronic the condition is that we seem to have, how apparently helpless we are, how old we are in years when we appeal to God, we are healed. Age and disease cannot withstand the divine authority of His power.

Every one of our ills and weaknesses will vanish forever from our mind and body when we abide constantly and consciously in the thought of God as our active, abundant, ever-present life, filling every cell of our being with light and wholeness, lifting us up into the very presence of His glory. God is the one great healer, the one great harmonizer of each and every untoward condition.

Worry is the biggest stumbling block in the way of our receptivity to health. A fear-filled mind cannot comprehend the presence of health. An essential to the demonstration of health is the elimination of fear from the mind and its replacement with faith. Faith is positive. By declaring faith in God as health we give Him a chance to make health manifest.

God is the source of all healing, and it is His will that His children should manifest bodily perfection. We make contact with this great source of perfection through prayer. Every inharmonious bodily condition can be overcome through our realization that perfect health is His divine will for us.

Mere knowledge of the principles of mathematics will never solve a mathematical problem. We must make the correct application of the principles in order to get the answer to any problem. Likewise, mere knowledge of the divine law of healing will not bring about physical wholeness. It is the application of the law coupled with the firm assurance that God’s will for us is perfection that makes a healing manifest itself in our bodies.

Fear of disease often promotes disease. As Truth students we learn that every negative condition that appears in our lives has been preceded by a thought of fear, self-pity, anxiety, jealousy, condemnation, or some other negative thought. The overcoming of fear is the greatest single problem that the world faces today.

The only thing that can stand between you and your perfect expression of life is your own consciousness of inharmony and your own belief in and acceptance of disease. God, who created us, is Himself the ever-renewing life within us. God is our health. He has provided us with an inner wellspring of life. When you are in need of health, turn to Him with the positive assurance that He is your health, and He will not fail you. His Spirit animates you now, filling you with His life, His strength, His health at this very moment. Accept your life as coming from Him. Meet Him daily in faith and sincerity. Believe that He is with you, that He is not only able to do all things for you but that He has already done all things for you, that He knows your needs even before you ask and has fulfilled them now. Give thanks for your healing, and cease pleading and crying out after it. Why plead for what you already have? “Commit thy way unto Jehovah.” Put your problem in God’s hands and leave it there. Praise God for a strong, healthy body, a strong, courageous heart, for strong limbs, for useful hands, for perfect sight and hearing.

As you praise God for your health and strength they will increase and become constant in your consciousness so that you will never have any sense of weakness or inability. Never think of your body or your mind as weak or insufficient. Think of yourself as always blessed with the power and the strength of God, and think of others in the same manner.

God’s will for you is health. When you become sick His healing forces immediately begin to work in your body to bring you back to health and wholeness. It is not God’s will that any of His children should be sick. When the will of God expresses itself freely in you, you will find that your life is becoming healed and orderly and happy.

Our only hope of renewing ourselves, our bodies, and our world is through our thinking. In order to keep renewed in mind and body we must entertain new and vital thoughts.

If you believe in disease you show that you do not have faith in God as health. When you are anxious or worried you are not thinking of God as all-powerful. Let the Spirit of God direct and guide and govern you. Let His perfect idea of life, health, strength, and perfection be visibly and tangibly expressed in your life.

God lives in you and you live in Him. He is within and about you as the presence that inspires you to a fuller, healthier life. Live in the knowledge that God illumines you in all your ways.

Health is from God. You will be whole and well when you let God reign in your mind and body as the presence and power of health. Never think of yourself as sick or lacking in health. The presence of God is ever with you, ever inspiring you to lay hold of your divine perfection. Trust God, and put all things in His keeping. Keep out of your mind all belief in imperfection or blemish. God is your life right at this moment. Turn to Him now and feel His presence in your life. Keep yourself one with Him and one with His life. Know that He abides within you as your life. Know that as God’s temple your body is governed entirely by His law of good, His law of health. As God’s temple your body expresses His presence of perfection. Always see yourself as whole, sound, perfect, abiding constantly in the healing presence in which there is no disease. As you turn to God for health, hold a strong thought of health and you will draw to you all the health you need and desire.

Healing is a spiritual gift. It is a heaven-sent blessing to convince you that you are perfect in the sight of God. The extent to which you show forth this perfection depends entirely upon the extent to which you realize your oneness with God. Keep out of your mind every belief that would limit your realization of God as your life. Live in the assurance that your life in Him cannot be limited in any way. You prove your loyalty to God when you believe only in His law of good.

Your body is a vehicle through which you may express more abundant life. Live today in the consciousness that in the sight of God you are whole and well. There will be no room for any belief in disease when you give yourself to God for healing and live in the consciousness that you are ever one with all His blessings. In the sight of God you have ever been and ever will be perfect. At the present time you may present an appearance far from that of a perfect idea of God, but it is forever true that in the sight of God you are perfect. The Spirit of God within you is mighty to lift you up and cause you to behold your perfection, to reveal to you your soul’s radiance, to heal your body.

You become sick through your belief in the power of sickness. You likewise become well and whole through your belief in the presence and power of the spirit of health within you. When you change your thoughts from those of sickness to health a feeling of newness will come over your body. With continual contemplation of health your whole body will be renewed, refreshed, revitalized, made whole and sound and perfect.

Your body is God’s habitation. If you desecrate God’s temple, your body, with thoughts of disease, disease will show forth in whatsoever form your thoughts have given it. Begin today to guard your thinking. Keep out of your mind all thoughts of negation, disease, and frustration. Turn your thoughts to your spiritual nature. See yourself as God sees you, perfect in mind, soul, and body. Created perfect, you always have recourse to this perfection.

In Divine Mind there is no thought of imperfection. If you were always conscious of this mighty Truth you would be whole and perfect at all times. If you desire to be rid of sickness you must first get rid of the belief in sickness. Believing in sickness keeps you from believing in God. The Truth of God operating in your consciousness is mighty to lift you up to a positive realization of your supremacy and victory over all forms of sickness and disease.

When you realize that God dwells in you and makes your body His temple you can readily see that it cannot be other than perfect and whole in His sight. Never speak disparagingly of your body. Do not put the mental stamp of imperfection or disease upon it; it is God’s temple and when you recognize His presence you will be free from all imperfection and inharmony. The inexhaustible life in the midst of you cannot be depleted.

If you need more health, increase your consciousness of health. Keep all belief in disease out of your mind. Abide in the realization that you are every whit whole. Keep your thought fixed on God and you will have no difficulty in sensing His presence of health. In the sight of God you are perfect. In Spirit you have no imperfection. You could not have been created in the likeness of God if this were not true. Blot from your mind every belief that would draw you away from your perfection. Know that in Truth you always have been, are now, and ever will be God’s perfect child.

To be healthy you must think in terms of health. When your belief in health and wholeness is stronger than your belief in disease your health will be an established fact. The healing presence of God exists today as it has existed from the beginning of time. You can be healed today if you will give yourself completely to the presence of God within you and about you and realize and accept your health and perfection. If you will cast from your mind the thought of disease you will find that disease ceases to manifest itself.

In the beginning God created you in His own image and likeness and placed within you His breath of life. He created your body according to the pattern of His idea of a perfect body. Since your body is the abiding place of His Spirit there is no room in it for disease. Instead of thinking of your body as being subject to discord and disease think of it as being pure, holy, incorruptible, free, and beautiful. Praise and bless it every day, and it will respond and manifest order, glowing health, and perfection.

Within you is a veritable spring of eternal life, a fountain of youth and freshness and vitality. As you recognize this truth, as you bless and give thanks for this fountain of life in the midst of you it will express itself in your body as abiding health and wholeness. Be willing to let God manifest His perfect health through you. Lay aside all belief in disease and become consciously aware of His glorious presence of health in you at all times. Every cell will express divine wholeness as you charge not only yourself but the atmosphere around you with life and vitality so that all who come near you will find health in your health. When you accept the divine gift of healing you will be cooperating with God to bring into manifestation His perfect idea of health, and His law of health will be fulfilled in you.

No power outside of yourself can increase your awareness of God. If you desire to know God better you will have to turn within and feel the quickening of your own heart that signifies His presence. You cannot seek God faithfully without finding Him. God is life, and His will for you is life in mind and body. His life is in the very midst of you, with all power to free you from pain, disease, and imperfection. When you release all thoughts of worry, every organ will work in divine order and harmony according to the purpose for which it was created.

Bless every cell in your body. Bless every organ and function in your body. Your body will respond swiftly and surely. Look away from every seeming imperfection. See yourself as radiant, vital, and strong, a fitting temple for the divine Spirit that dwells within you.

Praise and bless the life of God in your body every time you think of yourself. Rejoice that the Christ consciousness of perfection is unfolding in you. Give thanks every day for your unfailing strength and good health.

Perfect health is your divine heritage. As a son of God you express perfection of body and mind. The perfect spirit of wholeness dwells in you. Keep your vision true to God’s perfect idea of you. See yourself radiant with health. See yourself whole and perfect in all ways.

With every breath you breathe in the life of God. It pulses through your being with every beat of your heart, cleansing, renewing, rebuilding every cell in your body. Consciousness of God’s presence within you causes you to become aware of His life and energy in you. When you know God as the spirit of life within you His presence will so completely fill you that there will be room for nothing else.

In and through every cell in your body there flows an invisible, eternal, all-sustaining current of life. Stored in this life current are all the energy, strength, and vitality necessary for maintaining your body in perfect health. Think about this current of life within you. It will fill you with the zest of living. Every cell in your body will glow with life.

Relax today in the knowledge that you can trust God fully. Place yourself and all your affairs in His keeping, confident that He will keep you in perfect health.

-Reprinted from UNITY Magazine.

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