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Marcus Bach

Marcus Bach

Marcus Bach

Are you pushed, pampered and poisoned? If so, Marcus Bach explains in How Unity Works why the Unity teachings are resonating with you. Do you sometimes struggle with money? Marcus Bach shares in Prosperity Thoughts how his struggle with money was answered on a rainy day at Unity Village.

Maybe the reason these recordings were sent to me by a practicing Methodist from Iowa is because they were given by a mainline Protestant, writing in the 1950's from the perspective of a critical-thinking scholar. At that time and from that place, Marcus Bach could write:

No modern religious movement has made more of an impact upon American faith than the Unity School of Christianity. No emerging group has been so widely accepted by a large number of Protestants and Roman Catholics. No new group has so impressively got its literature into Christian homes. No new group has appealed to the unchurched as strongly as Unity has in its fifty years of history.

Such was the perspective of an astute scholar from outside Unity in the 1940's.

Marcus Bach wasn't a Unity minister. He didn't go to a Unity church.  He was an outsider. As Neil Vahle writes in The Unity Movement, It's Evolution and Spiritual Teachings that Marcus Bach was one of the first scholars to examine Unity's work and report on it. Bach interviewed Charles Fillmore in the 1940's and subsequently interviewed Lowell and Rickert Fillmore. Bach was interested in understanding why Unity appealed to the broad range people in the Christian churches. 

In these two recordings, Bach returns time and again to the subject of Unity's widespread appeal. He has identified essential teachings and practices in Unity that are attractive to many and he describes them in language that is easily comprehended by outsiders. Listening to Marcus Bach helps us understand what we're doing in Unity.

Thank you, Jackie from Iowa, for sending them to me and may the warm love of your Methodist church come our way in Unity.

A biography and more information about Marcus Bach is at and

How Unity Works

Prosperity Thoughts