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James Elliot 1948 Unity Field Department Survey

Dr. James Elliot DDS Field Department Survey

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Here is the 1948 Field Department Survey for Dr. James L. Elliot DDS, who became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1941. He began his study of Unity in November 1931 and first served Unity at the the Unity Truth Center 5105 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois. He served in Detroit, Michigan leading an informal study group from December 1936 to April 1937 and was serving Christ Unity Fellowship from May 1938 to 1948, when he submitted this survey.

Dr. Elliot received training from Margaret Halsey in Chicago. He attended the Unity Training School in 1936 and 1943, earning 10 credits. He also completed the Unity Correspondence Course.

Dr. James Elliot DDS provided the following short biography:

I was born April 22, 1896 in Macon Georgia of lowly parentage, my father a journeyman plasterer. At the age of eleven the family moved to Atlanta Georgia. Here I finished my apprenticeship as a plasterer under my father, William Jordan Elliott. 1917 attended U.S. Army training school, Fort Des Moines Iowa; commissioned Second Lieutenant of Infantry. Honorably discharged from the Army after serving nine months in France as a teacher of bayonet combat and self-defense. In 1921 graduated from Atlanta University with A.B. degree [and] well known as a good athlete, member of the glee club, trombonist in school orchestra. Graduated from the University of Michigan College of Dentistry, 1925 with degree Doctor of Dental Surgery; was excused from taking two final examinations in my senior year due to consistent good work during the 1924-25 academic school year.

"Honor and shame from no condition rise;
act well your part, there all the honor lies." (Pope)

He had two published items:

  • "Plastering an Artistic Stepping Stone To A Profession", published in April 1928 in The Plasterer, Official Journal of Operative Plasters and Cement Finishers International Association
  • "Divine Sonship Unfoldment", a pamphlet published in August 1941 by Christ Unity Fellowship

He wrote that prior to coming to Unity he was:

Baptized in the African Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of 16. In 1935 gave up my duties as church Steward, Secretary of Official Board, Supervisor of Debating Teams of Endeaver League of the entire Chicago area.

He lists the following outstanding healings:

  1. Institutionalized bed held patient of our Center asked doctors, nurses, attendants permission to be alone with me. Prayer, perfect conscious realized unification with the One Presence, One Power, One Mind God the Good Omnipotent was the perfect avenue through which the Healing Principle restored wholeness of spirit, soul and body.
  2. A Truth student's auto was hit by a taxicab. We prayed and spoke the freeing harmonizing word of love. The judge dismissed the case, censuring the taxicab driver who had demanded payment for a dent in his cab.
  3. A Center member returning from work in his panel truck moved with the green light. A girl unthoughtfully walked into the side of the truck, was knocked down. A crowd gathered becoming incensed at the Truth student. He called me for help after identifying himself to the police authorities. The judge dismissed this case.
  4. My wife and her physician had agreed on a major surgical operation. We entered the silence and she saw in a vision an angel standing at foot of her bed, giving her the understanding to rest in the realization of God's abiding presence. In fourteen days she was again at her post of duties to the surprise of everyone.
  5. A Truth seeker's husband began to lose weight rapidly coupled with domestic in-law problem. X-Rays were taken of bronchial tubes, abscess shadow seen. He was sent to a hospital and a thorough examination failed to find any such condition. The patient was dismissed.

He also lists the following dramatic events:

  1. Christmas Eve 1934 Jesus Christ revealed His living Heart Of Love to me, superimposed thereon was the Rosy Cross radiating eternal Light in and through me. There was a definite red cross also seen on my left chest heart region verified by my wife.
  2. The Everliving Christ commissioned me in a vision with these words — "go, teach gray anatomy." (Law of Mind Action.)
  3. The most dramatic of all were these words spoken "I AM Abba, Your heavenly Father, call on Me, James Elliott, and I will give you the desires of your heart even'
  4. In 1956, as a student in Charles and Cora Fillmore's class "The Fouith Dimension", for the first time my eyes were opened to see the magnificence of Divine Sonship gloryfying Charles and Cora Fillmore. The same Light was seen around my beloved teacher C.C. Ayers, then around my feet in the Assembly Hall of the Training School.
  5. Since studying Truth parts of my life's dramatic scroll have been unfolded. From Phoenicia to New Delhi, Egypt, across the Mediterranean Sea to France, England to America.

Date: December 28, 1948
Signature: James L. Elliot, DDS