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Arbinger Institute

Mark Hicks

This is a placeholder for things related to The Arbinger Institute and The Anatomy of Peace, the book that has drawn the attention of many people in Unity. Be sure to see the additional things that are listed in the right sidebar (tablets and desktops) or the expandable menu (smart phones).

Arbinger is a secular organization. Their teaching, however, is deeply spiritual. About three years ago, I read The Anatomy of Peace and I attended their Outward Mindset workshop. My life changed. And my life changed because I began to see how somewhat benign decisions can lead to self-justification and how self-justification leads to what Arbinger calls a “heart at war.” By following the justifications back to the triggers I began to see many patterns that needed to be let go.

On a more religious level, the book and their teaching also helped me understand Martin Buber’s “I and Thou” in a new way. None of this is new to us in Unity, but the book and the Arbinger body of thought has an uncanny way of punching through hard heartedness.

The most powerful story in the book is Mordechai dropping his purse and the decision we have to make about whether we will help him pick up his coins. When I tell this story I sometimes have people yelling back “Pick up the damned coins!”

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Mark Hicks


The following is a talk given by Mark Hicks on Oct 18, 2020 to Unity Center DC on The Anatomy of Peace.

Click here to download a transcript of this talk entitled "The Most Important Song in Unity."


The following is an edit I made of a public domain video that was shown at Arbinger's Outward Mindset workshop.

Right click to Download Duel in the Parking Lot video

Download the Arbinger Institute’s AOP Study Guide

Download The Anatomy of Peace Bible Study by Elaine Alling Lilliston – retired UMC clergywoman