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2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Video and Links

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The first five talks are high definition and good sound. Halfway through the 5th talk, the camcorder ran out of storage space. So the last half of the 5th talk (Gloria Holt) and the remaining talks are from the webcam stream, which is poorer quality in picture and sound. I regret not having been better prepared. Next time will be better.

Click here for the YouTube Playlist

Welcome and Introduction by Rev. Tom Thorpe and Mark Hicks

Presentation by Rev. Eleanor Fleming

Presentation by Rev. Sherri James

Presentation by Rev. Bob Brach

Presentation by Rev. Gloria Holt

Presentation by Rev. Laura Barrett Bennett

Presentation by Rev. Joanna Gabriel Thompson

Presentation by Rev. Cecilia Loving

Presentation by Rev. Tom Thorpe: Genesis 3: Promise and Possibility

Click here to download Rev. Tom's presentation file in Powerpoint format.

Presentation by Mark Hicks: The Metaphysics of Paul

Click here to download Mark's presentation file in PDF format.

2016 Gathering Flyer

Metaphysical Bible Gathering Flyer Click here to download the flyer for this gathering.