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Metaphysical meaning of Ziph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ziph (mbd)
Ziph, ziph (Heb.)--flowing; overflowing; overwhelming; becoming liquid; liquefaction; refining; purifying; cleansing.

a A southern city of Judah. b A city in the hill country of Judah (Josh. 15: 24, 55). c A wilderness, in the hill country of Judah, where David was in hiding from Saul (I Sam. 23 :14). d The name of a man of Judah (I Chron. 4 :16).

Meta. Cleansing, purifying thoughts and groups of thoughts in the prayer–andpraise (Judah) consciousness of man (flowing, refining, purifying, cleansing; two cities, a wilderness, and a man, of Judah).

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