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Metaphysical meaning of Zia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zia (mbd)
Zia, zi'–å (Heb.)--motion; movement; agitation; commotion; disquiet; trembling; shaking; quaking; fear; terror.

A man of Gad (I Chron. 5:13).

Meta. A step in the unfolding of dominion and power in the individual consciousness, wherein fearfulness and instability seemingly prevail (motion, movement, disquiet, trembling, fear, a man of the Israelitish tribe of Gad, Gad referring to the power faculty). We find in Peter (faith), at a certain stage of his history, a changeable and seemingly unfaithful tendency. This is shown in his denial of Jesus and in other incidents. Later he became very steadfast and reliable. Even so, when the power idea is moving toward expression in man there may be a period wherein the individual feels, and perhaps acts, very unlike the possessor of power and dominion over himself and over every phase of his life and affairs. But when he enters fully enough into the consciousness of established power, the power that works in union with love and understanding, every trace of fear and unrest will be a thing of the past.

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