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Metaphysical meaning of Unni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Unni (mbd)
Unni, un'-ni (Heb.)--labor; suffering; affliction; oppression; brought low; depressed; humiliated; humbled; exhausted; impoverished; poor.

a A Levite, a doorkeeper in the tabernacle, who was appointed one of the musicians to assist in bringing the Ark to Jerusalem, in the reign of David (I Chron. 15:18, 20).

Meta. Unni (labor, affliction, oppression, humbled, impoverished) refers to the result, in man's consciousness and world, of the very human belief in hard work, labor, instead of expression in joyous, loving service. In other words it would typify the "bondservant" type of Christian service instead of the "son" type (see the 4th chapter of Galatians).

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