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Metaphysical meaning of Togarmah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Togarmah (mbd)
Togarmah, to-gär'-mah (Heb.)--universal centripetal force; centralizing energy; density; gravitation; precipitation; compactness; bony; hard; strong.

a A son of Gomer and grandson of Japheth, son of Noah (Gen. 10:3); b his descendants (Ezek. 38:6).

Meta. Strength and a drawing, centralizing force and energy, but of the outer man rather than of the inner spiritual understanding and therefore carried to the point of very great hardness and selfishness (centralizing energy, gravitation, density, compactness, bony, hard, strong). The statement, "They of the house of Togarmah" traded for the wares of Tyre "with horses and war-horses and mules" (Ezek. 27:14), signifies that this strong, drawing, concentrating energy lays hold of the vital forces of man's being and uses them for the keeping up of that in consciousness which Tyre represents. (See TYRE.)

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