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Metaphysical meaning of Tiglath-pileser (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tiglath-pileser (mbd)
Tiglath-pileser, tig-lath-pi-le'-ser (Assyr.)--my confidence is the son of Eshara, i. e., Ninib; lord of the Tigris; swift, mighty king.

A king of Assyria who defeated Pekah, king of Israel, and took many of the Israelites, including all of Naphtali, captive to Assyria. Ahaz, king of Judah, also became subject to him (II Kings 15:29; 16:7, 10). In I Chronicles 5:6, 26 and II Chronicles 28:20 he is called Tilgath-pilneser, and he is thought to have been the same person as Pul of II Kings 15:19.

Meta. The significance is virtually the same as that of Pul. (See PUL.)

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