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Metaphysical meaning of Theudas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Theudas (mbd)
Theudas, theu'-das (Gk.)--God-given; God's gift; gratuitously given of God; God's benefaction.

A man whom Gamaliel mentioned in defense of Peter and the apostles, to show that if their teaching was not of Truth it would come to naught (Acts 5:36). The Theudas of whom Gamaliel made mention is thought to have been a man sometimes called Matthias, a renowned Jewish teacher. This man had gathered together a band of men to destroy a large eagle of gold that had been placed above the Temple gate contrary to the Jewish law that forbade images; but his followers were dispersed by the Roman soldiers and Matthias was killed.

Meta. A belief in the goodness of God (God's benefaction), in the truth that life and all good are God's gift to man; but carried to the extent of refusal to recognize that these God-given qualities and their manifestations can be attained consciously by man only on condition that he conform in thought, word, and deed to the divine law of life and being. (All that God is and has was given freely and fully to man in the beginning, for all time. On man's side of the proposition, however, we find conditions to be met that he may receive into consciousness and utilize God--the unlimited good--to his eternal perfection, abidingness, and well-being.)

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