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Metaphysical meaning of Shimron-meron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shimron-meron (mbd)
Shimron-meron, sh`im'-ron-me'-ron (Heb.)--watch place of rebellion; guard of lashing; careful keeping of rebellion; watch height of the lord.

One of the towns of ancient Canaan whose kings were defeated by Joshua (Josh. 12:20). It is thought to be the same city as Shimron of Joshua 11:1 and 19:15.

Meta A watchful, observant state of thought. This attitude of mind is at first under the dominion and guidance of the destructive thoughts and beliefs that exist in the "mind of the flesh" (guard of the lashing, watch place of rebellion). Coming under the influence of Truth (this city came into the possession of the Israelites), the analysis and the assimilation of spiritual ideas enter in; thus the individual is nourished and sustained, and becomes truly rich within and without.

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