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Metaphysical meaning of Shimeath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shimeath (mbd)
Shimeath, shim'-e-ath (Heb.)--hearing; report; rumor; intelligence; news; fame.

The feminine construction of Shimeah. Shimeath was an Ammonitess, mother of Jozacar, or Zabad, who with Jehozabad conspired against and slew Joash, king of Judah (II Chron. 24:26).

Meta. The animal phase of the soul (an Ammonitess) becoming open to and affected by the higher ideas (hearing, fame, report, rumor) that are becoming current in man's more real and true state of consciousness (Israelites), as is signified by Shimea, the masculine of Shimeath. (See SHIMEA.)

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