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Metaphysical meaning of Sheminith (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sheminith (mbd)
Sheminith, shem-i-nith (Heb.)--eight; the eighth; octave; aggregation; accretion; increased; fattened; enlarged; excelling; an eight-stringed musical instrument.

According to Gesenius, a technical musical term denoting the lowest tones sung by men, the modern basso, in opposition to female or boys' voices. A musical instrument of eight strings (I Chron. 15:21; Psalms 6 and 12, titles).

Meta. The organism of man attuned to the Infinite; the individual living, acting, being, in harmony with Spirit--complete in Him (eight, the eighth, octave, an eight-stringed musical instrument); also the great good that results from such living (increased, enlarged, excelling). Eight is double four, and the city that "lieth foursquare," the New Jerusalem, refers to man perfected, fully rounded out on every side and in every way. Man's body is a musical instrument, meant to give forth the harmony of Divine Mind; therefore it must be kept in tune with the Infinite.

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