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Metaphysical meaning of Shemeber (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shemeber (mbd)
Shemeber, shem-e'-ber (Heb.)--splendor of heroism; superior brilliance; striving upward to the height; high flight; superior name.

King of Zeboiim (Gen. 14:2).

Meta. The innate spiritual ideal, implanted in man from the beginning, that causes him to grow, unfold, and unceasingly to desire and seek to attain higher and better understanding and expression (superior brilliance, superior name, striving upward to the height). The fact that Shemeber was king of Zeboiim shows that the perfect-man idea of God is implanted in the seemingly physical being of man as well as in his more inner and spiritual consciousness. Because of ignorance, however, the spiritual impetus within him is misunderstood by the sense mind in man, and to the extent that sense mind rules an individual the inner urge of Spirit apparently serves only to. stimulate sense activity in him. (See ZEBOIIM.)

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