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Metaphysical meaning of Quirinius (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Quirinius (mbd)
Quirinius (A.V., Cyrenius), qu;-rin-i us (Lat.)--civil government; interior rule- spearman; armed peace.

Governor of Syria at the time of the world enrollment by Cæsar Augustus, and at the time of the birth of Jesus (Luke 2:2).

Meta. A phase of the executive power of the personal will established in the mistaken belief that peace can be obtained and maintained by force (civil government, interior rule, spearman, armed peace, a governor of Syria).

This ruling thought, or executive power of the personal will in conjunction with intellectual reasoning guided by the senses (Syria), has a firm belief that all the world--every thought, faculty, force, and activity in the whole organism and consciousness of man--should acknowledge and pay tribute to Rome and Cæsar, should give of its substance to sustain the dominance of the selfish, personal will and reason in consciousness. This is signified by the fact that all the Jewish nation and all the other nations that were ruled by Rome were called together for enrollment and taxation. "And all went to enroll themselves, every one to his own city" (Luke 2:3).________________________
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