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Metaphysical meaning of Punon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Punon (mbd)
Punon, pu'-non (Heb.)--darkness; perplexity; distraction; hopelessness.

A place where the Israelites camped while in the wilderness (Num. 33:42).

Meta. A darkened, confused, agitated, almost hopeless phase of mind (darkness, perplexity, distraction, hopelessness) that sometimes seems to exist in the wilderness, or multitude of wild, uncultivated, and untrained thoughts that the individual becomes conscious of when he begins to awaken to spiritual understanding and to the necessity of overcoming limitations and error by gaining dominion over his thinking. This wilderness of thought may be partly, or at times wholly, subconscious; but the true spiritual thoughts (Israelites) must travel through it, camp in it, and bring order out of seeming chaos. These wilderness thoughts of man must be raised to the Christ light and cleansed by the water of denials and the refining fires of Spirit, in order to remove all of the darkness and its negative results, and to purify the good for use.

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