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Metaphysical meaning of Peninnah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Peninnah (mbd)
Peninnah, pe-nin-nah (Heb.)--pearl; red coral; precious stone; gem; jewel.

One of the wives of Elkanah the Ephraimite. His other wife was Hannah, mother of Samuel the prophet (I Sam. 1:2).

Meta. The soul lifted up in individual consciousness and unified with the understanding that man's inheritance is from God; that while he does not own anything selfishly, yet all that the Father has is his (Elkanah). The union of the soul with this understanding makes of the soul, or causes the individual to realize that the soul is, a precious jewel (pearl, precious stone); thus there is brought forth increase of good in thoughts and ideas (Peninnah had sons and daughters).

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