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Metaphysical meaning of Pathros (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pathros (mbd)
Pathros, path'-ros (Heb. fr. Egypt.)----Upper Egypt, i. e., distinguished from Mizraim, or Lower Egypt; region of the south; broken into fragments; reduced to impalpable particles; dust; ruptured; ruined.

A district in Upper Egypt (Isa. 11:11; Ezek. 30:14).

Meta. A phase of the subconscious mind that, though there is good in it, is still in darkness so far as the individual is consciously or subconsciously concerned (region of the south, a district in Upper Egypt, south referring to that which is below). The fact that Pathros was in the upper or higher ground of Egypt bespeaks thoughts of a higher nature than those commonly attributed to Egypt. The other definitions of Pathros, with its history as given in Ezekiel and Isaiah (one prophesies of its destruction, and the other mentions it as one of the places whence the Lord will "recover the remnant of his people"), suggest a time of judgment, or a thorough looking into, breaking up, and analyzing of this phase of the subconsciousness to the end that the error in it shall be eliminated. Thus the good only will remain and be lifted into the light.

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