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Metaphysical meaning of Parthians (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Parthians (mbd)
Parthians, pär'-thi-ans (fr. Gk.)--wounding as they fly; fighting backward; rapid flight; exiles; horsemen. The Parthians practiced discharging their arrows backward over their shoulders while apparently riding from the enemy. Thus the enemy was never sure whether they were retreating or preparing to discharge an avalanche of arrows. They were expert horsemen also. and the name is coined from the combined ideas.

Inhabitants of Parthia, a country or mountainous district to the north of Media and Persia (Acts 2:9). They were among those who heard the gospel taught in their own language at Pentecost.

Meta. Very active thoughts of power (horsemen, rapid flight, horses referring to the vital force in man, or power), though with a warring and deceptive tendency of expression (fighting backward, wounding as they fly). In this instance they belong to the religious thoughts of the individual, since the Parthians of Acts 2:9 are supposed to have been Jews who had settled in Parthia.

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